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Sunday, April 21


For many people, Easter feels like nothing more than a holiday that is celebrated because it's a tradition in their family. But it's so much more than a simple holiday on a calendar each Spring, and for those who want to unlock the profound mysteries of what Easter is all about, the door is wide open.

This year, we invite you to come experience the wonder of Easter with fresh eyes and an open heart. This sacred holiday is so much more than a date on a calendar — it is a declaration of the most profound mystery of them all: That God became a Man, lived the perfect life we never could, suffered the shame & death we deserved, conquered sin & death, and then rose to life by the power of the Holy Spirit so that we might have free access to eternal salvation through His finished work on the cross.

This year, let Easter be the day you discover why God thinks you were worth it.

Service Times

Good Friday Services
Richland Campus: 6:30PM
Portage Campus: 6:30PM

Richland Campus Easter Weekend Services
Saturday: 6:00PM
Sunday: 8:30AM, 10:30AM, & 12:30 PM

Portage Campus Easter Weekend Services
Saturday: 6:15PM
Sunday: 8:45AM & 10:45AM

Easter is one of our biggest weekends of the year, and in order to serve our community with excellence and make this busy weekend as easy as possible for all our guests, we are making some changes to our normal service schedule.

On Easter weekend only, we will be adding an additional Saturday evening service at our Portage Campus, adding additional Sunday services at both our campuses, and will also be changing service start times in order to accommodate our additional services.


Portage, Richland