Saturday, July 20


Sunday, July 21


Guest Speaker: Rick Renner

We are honored to welcome special guest speaker Rick Renner for all our weekend services on July 20–21. Rick and his wife Denise are longtime friends and mentors of Pastor Lee and Jane's, and he has been a guest of honor at our church on multiple occasions. He is a prolific theologian and teacher, and we can't wait to have them here for a weekend full of impartation, revelation and inspiration. 

Rick & Denise Renner are dedicated to preaching the Gospel in nations formerly controlled by the Soviet Union. Their call is to preach truth to the lost and to establish the Church of Jesus Christ. Rick’s ministry includes TV and radio programming that  reaches millions of people in the former USSR, including many in countries that are closed to the Gospel. Rick has preached in-person to more than 3,000,000 people since his ministry began. Nations he and Denise have ministered in over the years include Albania, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Caribbean Islands (various), China, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Moldova, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine — and, of course, the United States and Russia. In his own pulpit in Moscow, where he and Denise reside, Rick preaches more than 200 times in services each year. Despite the enormous amount of ministry activity they are a part of in Russia, they continue to travel for the sake of the ministry, proclaiming the Gospel to win the lost, rescue the hurting, and strengthen believers around the globe.