If I've only ever given through PushPay, can I view my giving statement there?

Yes! If throughout the entire year you've only given through the PushPay platform your giving statement through PushPay should be correct. If however you've given cash or a check during a weekend service, you'll need to create an account through Fellowship1 for your complete statement. 

Can I text a gift to a specific fund?

Absolutely simply text the keyword “radiant” + Amount + Fund Name” or “radiant” + Amount + Fund Initial” to 77977. (eg. “Radiant + 50 + Missions” or “Radiant + 50 + M”) Note: After your first donation you will only need to text “Amount + Fund Name” to give to a fund.

How can I view my entire giving history?

For a complete giving history, click on the View my Giving History button on this page or click the link below. If this is your first time using this system, our Finance department will need to contact you to verify your identity before you can view past giving.

How can I get help with more online giving?

We’re happy to help! Fill out the form below or give us a call at 269.629.7111

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Can I give a recurring gift?

You can absolutely give a recurring gift! Click the link below to watch a short video on how to utilize this option.