Guadalajara: Day 2 | March 23

Update: The Mexican water did its job but I’ll be fine.

In the morning we headed out to the city. It was very artsy- lots of urban art and paintings on buildings. We went to a big outdoor market, stopped by the government building, and prayed over the whole area. After lunch Edgar and I headed to the hotel to meet his team and help set up church for the morning. The hotel is in a very nice area, right off a main road. I met everybody and helped out as much as I could without knowing anything. After setup was complete, the worship team began to practice and Edgar and I went out to the lobby to prepare for Sunday.

Back at home with Edgar, Erika, and their worship leader Raul, we had some fun theological conversations with our broken language. Edgar left us to go finish up his sermon and I shared my testimony with Raul, then showed him pictures from Israel. We called it quits at around midnight. Edgar was still up wrapping up his sermon notes.

~ Joel Doorlag