Philippines: Roxas City | February 19

Breakfast was eggs, bread, rice, hot sauce, bananas, and coffee. After a quick nap and some time alone with Paul and Marcy, we set off for Roxas City. On the way, they explained to us what they do every day, and what we’d be doing in Roxas City. Each day they go to the busy parts of a different city or Barangay (village) and pass out fliers inviting people to a concert and healing celebration. At the event they have a christian rock concert, put on a hilarious play, have a fire dance, then the local official gives a brief introduction before a more serious play that ends with a woman being saved by Jesus. Then Paul, Marcy, and a local pastor work together to preach, give an altar call, and lay hands on each and every person who stays till the end. Every day! The coolest part is that the next day their follow up team gives everyone who returns a Bible in their own language, and they work to form community groups and make plans for planting churches!

At the healing concert in Roxas City that night all of us prayed for about 30 sick people each! One woman had a large tumor on her side- it was reduced to almost nothing. Another woman could not move her right hand or right leg- she began moving them. A boys ears were healed. A woman was healed completely from a shoulder issue, and she asked how much she needed to pay us! What a great introduction to the heavenly impact Paul and Marcy are having in the Philippines!

~ Joel Doorlag