Philippines: Barangay Jumaguicuic | February 20

I slept for a few hours. Wrote a song as Amy snored next to me.

At about 8am our team of missionaries left to go pray at the jail in Roxas City. We sang a few songs and taught on the prodigal son. After we were done I was asked to pray for a mass healing over all the prisoners. Pretty crazy morning!

In the afternoon we went to the barangay of Jumaguicuic (sounds like hoo ma ghee gheek), where we prayed and took communion. This was the first of many times that we took communion on this trip- Paul and Marcy are very disciplined and take communion twice a day. In the morning they take communion at their base camp after Bible study, and in the afternoon they do it after they arrive at the location of the healing celebration they will hold that night. Each time they pray over the area of the healing celebration and spill some of the wine on the ground, marking it for Christ. It was a very powerful discipline, I was so honored that I was able to take part in it this week.

At Jumaguicuic we walked around the village passing out fliers and inviting everyone we met to come to that night’s healing concert. After the concert, Paul came up and gave an alter call. Loads of people responded! We prayed for healing individually for at least 70 people.  A woman, believing she was healed of a heart condition, came back up to Amy later crying and thanking her!

~ Joel Doorlag