Philippines: Barangay Indayangan | February 23

Went for a low tide walk at 5:45am – we were able to walk a mile or so out to an island. It was gorgeous! Our bible study this morning was on Luke 14 :24- the cost of discipleship.

Paul, Marcy, Amy and I left for a crusade in another barangay in the afternoon. When they asked who would be preaching so they could pray, Marcy said that she was… unless Pastor Joel would. And the baton was passed to me. Luckily I had prayed a lot during the day and read my Bible!

We walked around the area meeting people and inviting them all to the healing concert. It was a very beautiful rural farming community, and we were set up in the town center on the main paved road. The barangay captain (the mayor) for the greater community was there, along with all of his cabinet officers and police officers. He spoke for a little while to the community and said he was thrilled that we had come, and that it was the first time he knew of that any foreigners had come to their area! He urged everyone to really listen to what we had to say, it was true honor! The night went great, my message came easy and God showed up. Afterwards there was a massive alter call- over a hundred people surrendered their lives to Jesus and so many were healed. Marcy had said that usually around day 6 it all really starts working for most missions teams- I think we got there on day 5.

~ Joel Doorlag