What we are doing to help

During this cold and flu season, our team is working diligently to maintain a healthy environment for your kids at church. In order to help keep all our Radiant Kids healthy, we ask that you do not bring your child to Radiant Kids services if they have had a fever or any other signs of contagious illness in the previous 48 hours.  

We work hard every week to make sure the environment of Radiant Kids is safe and healthy for your children. In every service, our nursery volunteers:

  • Disinfect tables, countertops, crawling mats, and large toys. 
  • Safely set aside toys after they are used by babies or put into children's mouths. At the end of each service these toys are sprayed with disinfectant solution and allowed to air dry or are sanitized in a dishwasher. 
  • Wash or sanitize children's hands before snack and after using the bathroom. 
  • Spray changing pads with disinfectant solution and wash or sanitize hands after each diaper change.
  • Fabrics, like blankets, that are used by babies are used only once and then are machine laundered using pediatrician-recommended detergents.

In addition to this diligent cleaning during weekend services, our staff disinfect all toys weekly, and do a deep cleaning of the toys and rooms every other week. 

Thank you for partnering with us to keep Radiant Kids healthy and safe!


Can't attend a weekend service?

Our services are livestreamed each weekend and are a great way to stay connected whether traveling or at home with sick kids.