Part 5 | Changing The Unchangeable


In the 5th message of the Stronger Series, Pastor Mike Popenhagen of Radiant Church Jackson shares a powerful message about faithfulness. With a fresh look at the well known events of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Pastor Mike explains how through Daniel’s faithfulness to responsibility and prayer, God’s favor was able to move on his behalf. When we are faithful to trust God, the outcome is up to him, not us.

Part 4 | Keeping A Soft Heart


The book of Daniel shows us two very different rulers who had two very different responses to a word from God. As Pastor Lee explains the contrast between the two kings’ hearts he challenges us to examine our own hearts as well. If we are holding onto pride in our hearts, we have to understand the way that it divides us from God. Pride brings the discipline of God, but if we humble ourselves we make room in our lives for God’s favor. Where is your heart today?

Part 3 | All Fall Down


In the life and story of Daniel we see a contrast between worship and idolatry. Where worship is an act that glorifies God, idolatry is anything that you’re seeking above God. It can be hard in life to not bow down to idols, but we must stay strong enough to overcome.

Part 2 | Living The Dream


As followers of Christ we are called to bring the active agent of Christ that is deposited in us to the communities we are placed in. The people around us have questions and they don’t even know where to look for those answers. We have those answers. Just as Daniel had the answer to King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, we have the answers for those who are looking. We are called to demonstrate the culture of the Kingdom and give definition to their dreams.

Part 1 | Undefiled


The book of Daniel chronicles the life, ministry and visions of the prophet Daniel. A large theme throughout is the truth that Daniel and a set of friends were able to find a way to live an upright, God honoring life even amidst the wicked culture of Babylon. For Daniel, every victory can be traced back to one place, when he made the decision to remain undefiled by the people, philosophy and religion of the culture. We too must come to a decision point, is our faith strong enough to remain undefiled in our own culture?


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