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I’m a new believer. What’s next?

Accepting the grace, love and salvation of Jesus Christ changes everything. Who you were before you accepted Jesus into your heart is no longer who you are now. Every sin you've ever committed is forgiven, eternal life is now yours,  and you have been supernaturally transformed from the inside out.

Becoming a Christian is not about rules, performance and religion. It's about relationship. You are not an anonymous believer in a church—you are a child of God, and He longs for you to know Him the way He knows you. Believe it or not, He actually likes you! You're not a soul He has chosen to save out of obligation. You're of eternal worth and value to Him. 

Some of this may feel overwhelming, and we want to help practically guide you through your next steps as a new Christian.


Your Next Steps

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Attend Weekend Church Services Regularly

Going to church is an essential part of living out your life as a follower of Jesus. When you attend services, you will encounter powerful times of worship, clear and encouraging Bible teaching, and will have the ability to receive ministry, meet new people, and acclimate into the church in practical ways.


Read Your Bible

The Bible is the living, breathing word of God. It will not only encourage, inspire, and equip you, but it will draw you nearer to the heart of God. The only way you get to know someone personally is by spending time with them, and the Bible is the primary way we're able to spend time hearing God's word for our lives directly. If you're unsure of where to start, find the book of John in the New Testament and begin reading.

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Prayer is something that everyone can do. All you have to do is talk to God like He's sitting in the room with you. And guess what? He is! It's not about having the right words to say; it's just about communicating directly with the Lord in your own words. He loves it when you talk to Him, and He wants to talk with you as well. Prayer is how you can do that.

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Growth is something that we all must intentionally invest in; it never happens on its own. You have to take the steps necessary to see growth in any area of your life. Below are some practical next steps you can take to pursue spiritual growth, get connected to a thriving community, and position yourself to flourish in the upcoming season of your life.

We are a church that loves people. We want to serve you however we can and provide a safe place for you to learn and grow in your relationship with God. It's a true joy for us to walk with you on this incredible journey, and if you have any questions about anything at all, you can give our offices a call at 269-629-7111 or fill out the contact button below.



Below are some upcoming classes and events that will help you take your decision one step farther.