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The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform hearts and change lives forever. Here at Radiant Church, we are one family in multiple locations who believe that we are called to love our city and serve our communities the same way Jesus loves and serves us. Whether you're new to Radiant or consider this your home church, our hope is that when you walk through the doors of one of our campuses, you will feel the tangible presence of God and know that you are loved and welcomed.

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Richland Campus

Saturday : 6:00PM
Sunday : 9:00AM & 11:00AM

8157 E De Ave
Richland, MI 49083


Portage Campus

Sunday : 9:15AM & 11:15AM

995 Romence Rd
Portage, MI 49024


First Love: Part 7

Pastor Lee Cummings
February 17, 2019

What does it mean for us to keep our focus and passion centered on God in the midst of a decadent world that's constantly attempting to draw us after “other loves" and away from Jesus? 
FIRST LOVE is a new series from Pastor Lee Cummings that we will be kicking off starting the first weekend of January. FIRST LOVE will explore the divine dialogue between God and His people found in the Book of Malachi, and will inspire, provoke and equip you as you seek to make the "first things first" in your life.