As I look back on 2018, I am struck by the faithfulness of the Lord. God has been so good to Radiant Church, and not a year goes by where I don’t find myself in awe of His kindness towards us. We serve a generous Father! As you look over our Annual Report, I want to encourage you to read it with fresh eyes. These are not simply a collection of stats and numbers that we have thrown together out of obligation. Each page you are about to read testifies to the work of the Holy Spirit at Radiant, and each statistic you see serves as an altar of remembrance for all that our spiritual family has done to partner with the Lord in our community. So as you read, let your heart well up with pride and joy, knowing that you played an important role in the story that God wrote through us in 2018. Thank you, Radiant Church. Jane and I love you with all our heart, and we count it a privilege to be your pastors.

Sincerely, Pastor Lee Cummings