Kingdom Builders


What is Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a Radiant Church strategic initiative focused on the regional, national and global expansion of evangelism, outreach and mercy ministry. Whether it be building future campuses, planting new churches, sending missionaries to the nations, or caring for the poor, we believe that as Christians we are called to participate actively in the Great Commission by impacting the world and building the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society. In order to do that we must believe in a big God and dream big dreams. Each one of us can be used mightily by God to affect change in the world for generations to come if we will strategically unite our hearts around a clear vision. We believe Kingdom Builders is that vision.

The biblical purpose of the tithe—the first 10% of our increase (Malachi 3:10)—is to sustain and grow the local church. While we are grateful for the faithfulness of the Radiant family in this arena, our vision for Kingdom Builders reaches far beyond what our community’s 10% tithe is able to build and sustain. Radiant has always been a church filled with world impacting vision and will continue to be so in the future. That’s why we’re looking beyond what our community’s 10% tithe can do, and envisioning Kingdom impact on a much grander scale. We are asking every person that calls Radiant their home church to prayerfully consider and commit financially towards Kingdom Building beyond their normal 10% tithe.

We have two primary strategic mechanisms in place for financially resourcing Kingdom Builders:

• As we have done for many years, we will receive our Big Give Offering in November. This special annual offering will serve as the first-fruits of our community’s investment in Kingdom Builders.

• We are introducing a new form of financial partnership that will serve as an ongoing resource for Kingdom Builders. By filling out commitment cards, you will have the opportunity to pledge a consistent amount of financial support through- out the year that will be solely used for Kingdom Builders initiatives.

We invite you to pray and ask God what He would lead you to sacrificially invest into Kingdom Builders. We have a unique opportunity to reach the world beyond ourselves, and every dollar that you pledge to Kingdom Builders will be used to change lives and transform hearts regionally, nationally and globally.


2019 Investment Opportunities


Woods Lake Elementary

Woods Lake Elementary is a Kalamazoo public school with approximately 600 students enrolled. Of those children, 85% are on a free or reduced lunch program. Simply put, this means that 85% of the school’s students come from families living at or below the poverty line. While the school’s teachers and administrators do as much as they can to alleviate the circumstantial burdens that many of these families face, the reality is that the challenges they face outweigh the resources they have available for community aide. Some of the most pressing needs these families have are for high-quality winter coats, boots, socks, hats and gloves to help their children get through the harsh Michigan winter.

We will be investing $150,000 of this year’s Big Give offering in the students and families from Wood’s Lake Elementary School. With the help of 350 volunteers, Woods Lake will be transformed into a winter wonderland full of food, activities, games, and completed with an unforgettable free shopping experience. Every child in the school will be paired with a personal shopper who will help them pick out their very own, brand new winter gear. For many of these children, this will be the first time they have ever owned new, appropriately-sized, high-quality coats, boots, gloves and hats.


One Hope

Founded in 1987, One Hope is a global ministry that reaches thousands of young people around the world with the gospel through film, storytelling, and mobile apps. Partnering with local churches and global organizations, One Hope engages unreached youth with scripture and seeks to produce radiant disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Lumière Project is one of the key initiatives that One Hope is engaged in to spread the gospel to unreached young people in west Africa. Over the course of the next five years, the Lumière Project will plant over 3,000 churches across 10 French-speaking African countries. By utilizing film, books, and evangelistic efforts, the Lumière Project is building faith-based communities and providing eternal hope to the next generation of children and families in Africa.

We want to see every child and family in the French-speaking nations of African encounter the transformative love of Jesus Christ. By donating $100,000 to the Lumière Project, we will be contributing to a world-changing mission that affects thousands of families across the turbulent and conflict-ridden zones of Africa.



Radiant Guadalajara

Edgar and Erika Gomez have been connected to Radiant Church for over 16 years. In recent years Edgar and Erika have been feeling led by the Holy Spirit to plant a church in Mexico, and after much prayer and planning, that day has finally come.

We are excited to announce that Edgar and Erika will be planting the very first international Radiant Church in Guadalajara, Mexico. With a population of 1.5 million, and a growing number of families living in poverty, Guadalajara is a city desperately in need of a powerful move God. We are proud to be standing with Edgar and Erika as they embark on this exciting journey of faith, and we can’t wait to hear the stories of God’s power, grace and transformation at Radiant Guadalajara.


Missionary Support


In addition to special projects and campaigns throughout the year, we are also committed to supporting missionaries and ministries around the world on a monthly basis.

For a complete list of missionaries we support, please visit our missions page.



Radiant Church Expansion


We are one church in multiple locations, and we will not stop expanding in the Kalamazoo region until there is a Radiant Church campus within 10 minutes of every individual in our city. We aren’t simply trying to make an impact on our city; we’re praying, believing for, and working towards complete city transformation. We believe that in the years to come, we will see a historical revival in our city, and that 100,000 souls will be saved. And we believe that our next step in pursuing this goal is to establish a Radiant Church campus in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo.

Our expansion to downtown will provide us with facilities for centralized church operations in the region, a fully equipped prayer room, and a gathering space that serves for equipping, training, services and more.

This strategic expansion is the next step in the Radiant City Vision, and we can’t wait to partner with God in transforming our city from the inside out.



 How to Give


Why Kingdom Builders

We believe that we are all stewards of what God has entrusted to us, who are called to invest extravagantly in the work of the Kingdom—feeding the poor, sowing into the nations, helping the widows and orphans, serving the needy, reaching the lost and expanding the work of the Church. Scripture teaches that tithing is both a God-ordained physical practice and a powerful spiritual discipline that not only supports the work of the Kingdom, but also causes the giver to reap blessings from God. When we give financially to the work of the Kingdom, we are partnering with God to fulfill His will and desire on earth, of which we will be partakers.

Ways to Give


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