Beacon of Hope

Story No. 015

How one family found peace in the search for answers.

The Big Give

Story No. 014

Investing in Kalamazoo's future.

Beauty from Ashes

Story No. 013

Where there is no way, God makes a way.

No More Shame

Story No. 012

Years of secrecy and fear were no match for the heart of the Father.


Story No. 011

One family’s journey from isolation and burdens of debt to freedom in Christ.


Story No. 010

The story of how one woman received her miraculous breakthrough.

Our Wonder

Story No. 009

How God turned one family’s trial into a testimony of faith and love.

God of the Impossible

Story No. 008

Jeff and Malia Wiederhold’s story of God’s kindness, mercy and power.

Faith and Sight

Story No. 007

Through faith and perseverance, one women conquers her battles.


Story No. 006

Feeding the hungry. Investing in Kalamazoo's future.

From Addiction to Deliverance

Story No. 005

One man's story of surrender to God in his darkest moment.

A Family We Never Imagined

Story No. 004

One family's journey through love, loss, and adoption. 


Story No. 003

A testimony of God’s faithfulness, even in the wilderness.


Story No. 002

One woman’s story about the power of Community.

The Rainbow Baby

Story No. 001

One family’s inspiring story of addiction, forgiveness and redemption.